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Korean Panax Ginseng. Vitality and well-being.
The secret of longevity. Vitalizes the whole body. Increases physical and mental performance. Aphrodisiac effect.
Korean Ginseng 1000 mg  supplement is extracted from an adaptogenic plant with multiple health benefits. The extract it is obtained from the roots of the Panax Ginseng plant, harvested at its optimal moment of its maturation: when it has reached the age of 6 years.
The therapeutic properties consist of its energizing effects, reducing stress and increasing the ability to adapt to harsh environments.

Effects and Benefits

Korean Ginseng fights fatigue, lack of endurance and the natural aging process. It is an aphrodisiac, a cholesterol-lowering agent, and a stimulant for the immune system

1. Adaptation to stress factors. Energizer. Detoxification and weight loss.

    • Korean Ginseng Supplement 1000 mg is absolutely necessary for people under physical or mental stress;
    • it is a well known tonic, able to help ease fatigue and increase energy levels;
    • helps increase efficiency and work capacity;
    • supports the body when it is subjected to demanding situations: trauma, infections, extreme conditions, chemical or biological factors;
    • supports the body in recovery after periods of sustained physical or intellectual effort;
    • helps to increase the physical tone quickly and effectively, as well as mental focus and reaction rate;
    • facilitates the adaptation of the organism exposed to unfavorable environments (too low or too high temperatures);
    • improves cell oxygenation, especially in the brain;
    • Korean ginseng helps maintain a good mental state, improves memory and concentration;
    • maintains normal blood circulation;
    • protects the body against conditions that are based on the state of stress;
    • Korean Ginseng extract favors metabolic processes and detoxification;
    • helps in diets and weight loss;
    • has hepatoprotective action

2.Immunostimulant. Anti-inflammatory effect.

    • Korean Ginseng extract supports the body in the fight against chronic inflammations that underlie the development of many particularly serious diseases;
    • additive in lung diseases caused by Pseudomonas bacteria;
    • it is effective in improving cold and flu conditions;
    • reduces neck pain and the general feeling of discomfort;
    • administration of Korean Ginseng Supplement 1000 mg increases the body’s resistance to bacterial or viral infections;
    • it is used as an adjuvant in the fight against carcinomas.

3. Antioxidant with antiaging effect.

    • protects the body against harmful antioxidants;
    • Ginseng slows down the aging process and ensures longevity.

4. Brain health. Pain reduction. Cardiovascular protection.

    • Korean ginseng protects the brain and delays the degenerative processes that lead to serious diseases;
    • helps regulate sleep, relieve migraines and regulate blood pressure;
    • Korean ginseng helps lower cholesterol;
    • reduces joint pain.

5. Stimulus for the male reproductive system.

    • administration of Korean Ginseng 1000 mg has effects of increasing libido and reproductive function in men;
    • acts as a biostimulator and increases the quality and quantity of seminal fluid;
    • Ginseng delays ejaculation.



The food supplement Korean Ginseng 1000 mg is indicated in

    • fatigue, asthenia, overwork, stress, depression, convalescence;
    • improving intellectual, physical and sexual performances;
    • premature ejaculation;
    • disorders of sexual dynamics in men;
    • impotence;
    • increasing resistance to infections;
    • cardiotonic, atherosclerosis, type II diabetes;
    • adjuvant in the treatment of: hepatitis B, malnutrition, psoriasis, acne;
    • delays the aging process;
    • in adjuvant treatment for Alzheimer’s, ADHD, senility;
    • alcoholism, chronic smoking.


Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as for people allergic to any of the ingredients.
Avoid administration if you suffer from:

    • insomnia
    • asthma
    • hypoglycemia



Adults: 1-2 tablets/day. A bottle with 90 film-coated tablets is enough for 90 days.

Duration of administration

3 months, followed by a one-month break, after which the administration of the product can be resumed.


Active ingredients/filmed tablet

Korean Ginseng / Panax ginseng 100mg
(10:1 root extract, equivalent to 1000 mg Korean Ginseng root)

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