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Strong bones!
Ensures the optimal functioning of the muscular and bone system. Prevents rickets, osteoporosis, hypocalcemia.
Calcium+Vitamin D3 – the ideal formula that ensures optimal absorption, with guaranteed therapeutic effects.
Calcium is an essential element in the formation and maintenance of the functionality of the osteoarticular, muscular, cardiovascular and nervous systems.
Vitamin D3 intervenes in blood homeostasis, increases the permeability of the cell membrane, increases the degree of calcium absorption, ensures the mineralization of the osteoid tissue of the cartilages and contributes to the health of the bone system; important in the proper functioning of the thyroid, parathyroid and pituitary glands.

Effects and Benefits

1. Strong bones. Strong muscles. Healthy and beautiful smile.
Calcium+Vitamin D3 contributes to the formation of bones and maintaining them in good condition throughout life;maintains the mineral balance of the body with the onset of menopause;helps to recover the bone and muscle system after periods of immobilization;contributes to the prevention of bone density loss;Calcium + Vitamin D3 is necessary after periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding;supports the muscular system and facilitates muscle contractions;calcium is essential for the optimal health of the teeth and in the prevention of tooth decay;Calcium+Vitamin D3 has an important role in the blood coagulation process and in cell permeability.

2. Heart health.
an optimal level of calcium in the blood helps the proper functioning of the heart;ensures the maintenance of an optimal heart rate;has an important role in the blood coagulation process and in cell permeability.

3. Digestion – Immunity – Healthy nervous system.
Calcium+Vitamin D3 is effective in the normal functioning of digestive enzymes, in the synthesis of proteins and the elimination of acid residues;maintains optimal health during weight loss or dieting;helps maintain the electrolyte balance of the body;contributes to strengthening immunity;protects the organism exposed to the polluted environment;Calcium+Vitamin D3 consumption reduces the extent of allergic reactions;ensures an optimal energy metabolism, supports intellectual effort and reduces exhaustion or chronic fatigue;helps to maintain mental health;important role in neurotransmission.

4. The beauty of the skin, hair and nails.
contributes to the health of sensitive skin, prone to dermatological conditions;helps to prevent hair loss and to strengthen the fragile thread;strengthens the nails and prevents their deformation.

The dietary supplement Calcium + Vitamin D3 is indicated in:

diseases of the bone and muscle system: rickets, osteoporosis, osteomalacia, senile osteoporosis, decalcification, decrease in bone density, fractures, tingling, numbness of the limbs;diseases of the skin, hair or nails: dermatitis, acne, infections, brittle hair, nail deformation, hair loss or brittleness;insomnia, hypocalcemia, irritability;associated with hypercholesterolemia treatment.


Ask for the doctor’s consent to administer the Calcium + Vitamin D3 food supplement, in case you:

are pregnant or breastfeedingsuffer from kidney diseaseshave had or have kidney stones (kidney stones)suffer from cancerwill have an increased level of calcium in the bloodhave circulation problems or parathyroid gland disorders

Adults: 1 tablet per day, after meals.

Active ingredients/tablet:

Calcium (carbonate)500mgVitamin D3125 UI

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